How To Become An Alpha Male

Do you perhaps have a friend who, when he walks into a room turns the heads of every female no matter what their relationship status?  Do you secretly envy the guy at the bar, who unknowingly has the attention of every woman at the bar?  That guy, my friends is an alpha male.  What you probably don’t know, is that being an alpha male, has nothing to do with your looks, you job, or your bank account.  It is an attitude guys, and it’s an attitude you can adopt with just a few simple tips.  You don’t have to sit and watch anymore, you too can be an alpha male.

One trait that always stands out about an alpha male is his confidence.  You never hear him doubting himself do you?  That’s because he doesn’t.  You don’t ever see him debating about whether or not to approach a lady do you?  This is mostly because he is comfortable with himself.  A man who is comfortable in his own skin, and knows who he is, cannot help but be confident.  This does not, however, mean that he is James Bond. He is comfortable being Mike and in fact, thinks Mike has a lot to offer the right woman. Be yourself, like yourself, and believe in yourself.  This will make you confident, and confident is sexy.   

Another thing you will notice when observing an alpha male is the wild, is that he is a gentlemen.  No female will open a door or pull out a chair while he is around.  In fact, he will make it a point to go out of his way to make sure that his date or the woman he is talking to, wants for nothing when he is around.  You will never see and alpha male raise his voice, belch, or ask you to pull his finger in public.  Rather, he will give sincere compliments, shake hands, and keep the appropriate distance between himself and others.  Ladies love a gentleman.  It’s old fashioned, but it’s true.

Eloquence, is another trait of the alpha male.  A well spoken man, always get the attention of the ladies.  He is funny without being crude, charming without being insincere, and honest without being hurtful.  He talks to everyone as though they are important to him.  In order to do this, you must improve your listening skills, and think through your responses before you say them.  Random sentences do not fly out of the mouth of an alpha.  You will not hear an alpha male lose control in a conversation, in fact because of his astute listening ability, and his eloquent responses, ladies will want to talk to him all night.

Now that you know what it takes to be an alpha male, start putting it into practice.  Start with being comfortable with yourself and confident.  Always act the gentleman, and practice listening and forming responses that are thoughtful.  You do not have to be the guy watching the alpha male, get all of the ladies.  You can be the alpha, and find yourself with more female attention, than you ever imagined.  It’s not hard, you just have to decide that is it something that you would like to pursue.  The only person keeping you from being the alpha male, is you.

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